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Building and advancing financial institutions and local communities.

I am an innovative, results – proven senior professional with significant experience in building, growing, and transforming businesses into highly productive and profitable operations.  Currently, I advocate for the banking industry in my role as President and CEO of the Western Bankers Association, a trade group supporting nearly 200 members across 13 western states and U.S. territories with focused advocacy and premier educational training.

For the last few years I have also been active as an advisor / consultant / investor to the emerging Fintech industry with a focus on social impact companies and disruptive technologies.  However, most of my career has been focused on the operational aspects of running organizations (banks) and corporate governance.  My banking roles have been varied and include leading four banks as the President and CEO.




West Coast resident currently residing in California & Oregon

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I have led four community banks located on the West Coast as the CEO. My business experience is considered full life cycle, as I have started, grown, turned-around, merged, and sold financial institutions. I am equally comfortable as the face of an organization as I am behind the scenes with strategic planning, execution, and building shareholder value.



I have enjoyed a career that has exposed me to all facets of running a business: from the start-up phase through sale.  During my career I have also accepted and exceled in turn-around assignments that involved rectifying significant internal problems, including both civil and criminal litigation.  My unique and varied business exposures provide me with life experiences to call upon when working with the C – suite, staff, board members, and investors.  I have applied this knowledge in banking, to non-profits, and the FinTech area.  Strategic advice typically includes business planning, capital formation, start-up and de-novo activities, directed in part toward disruptive market entrants associated with leading edge technology such as blockchain, payment alternatives, cryptocurrency, and social impact solutions to world problems. 


Throughout my business career I have been an ardent advocate of the financial industry including banks, businesses and non-profit organizations that I have represented. I believe raising your voice for a cause or a policy you believe in is important. It is equally important to get to know your legislators at all levels and stay engaged in the legislative process by engaging with your industry or cause. My advocacy has often taken the form of lobbying at the local, state, and federal levels with frequent trips to state capitals and Washington, D.C.  Currently in my role as President and CEO of the Western Bankers Association I advocate for banks important role in propelling the economy forward in an inclusive fashion. 


Teaching is an excellent way to “pay it forward” by developing new hires and mentoring. I have been active throughout my career with volunteering in the local classrooms and accepting roles at professional schools and universities. I have taught Leadership for several years at the industry acclaimed Pacific Coast Banking School, and Community Banking to Chinese Bankers at California State University – East Bay at the China America Business and Education Center.      


I have been called upon to testify at both the state and federal levels throughout my career, in front of congressional committees and sub-committees, as well as in front of several federal agencies. I enjoy the process of representing a cause or industry and feel it is a privilege to represent my colleagues and peers when called upon. Besides representing the financial industry as an expert in front of Congress, I have also represented the industry as an ambassador overseas.


For most of my professional business career, I have served on for-profit and non-profit boards. As an experienced CEO leading four different banks in a heavily regulated industry I have developed a strong skill set in corporate and board governance. I actively share my expertise in volunteer roles serving on non-profit boards as well as start-ups and social impact companies.


No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.
— Dead Poets Society

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