"There's a time for daring and there's a time for caution, and a wise man understands which is called for." 
— Dead Poets Society

I am a financial professional that provides vision and leadership to establish and grow successful businesses.  Currently I am the President and CEO of the Western Bankers Association, a trade group supporting nearly 200 members across 13 western states and U.S. territories with focused advocacy and premier educational training.

I tend to be a “hands on” professional and relationship builder within and outside the organizations I am associated with. I take a common-sense approach to vision, strategy, corporate culture development, and value creation for the shareholders. Additionally, I am mindful of building organizations that are corporately responsible and promote positive roles within the community.

While in the banking sector, I previously served the financial industry as a four-term (12 years) board member of the Independent Community Bankers of America. I also served as the Chairman and President of the California Independent Banks (California Community Bankers) during my 16 years on their board, and as a board member of Oregon Bankers Association – Community Banks of Oregon.

Currently, I am a proud ambassador for the Western Bankers Association (“WBA”), the recently rebranded successful combination of the California Bankers Association and the Western Independent Bankers.  I manage the affairs and day-to-day operations of the Association and its divisions.

As an industry advocate I am active lobbying at the local, state, and federal levels with frequent trips to state capitals and Washington, D.C. I have also testified as an expert witness on numerous occasions in front of Congress, the California State Finance Committee, and to various state and federal regulatory agencies. I enjoy the process of representing a cause or industry and feel it is a privilege to represent my colleagues and peers when called upon.

Besides representing the financial industry as an expert in front of Congress, I have also represented the industry as an ambassador overseas and as an educator.  I have previously held positions as a banking ambassador to China, an instructor at the Pacific Coast Banking School, and a guest lecturer at the China America Business & Education Center – California State University - East Bay.

Within the financial industry I have also enjoyed various operational and credit roles in the banking industry.  My experience additionally includes leading four banks as President and CEO with a focus on profitability and efficiency.

I have also been active in other parts of the financial eco-system primarily in the FinTech area with an emphasis on social impact companies and disruptive technology. In this sector I have applied my banking and corporate governance expertise, as well as business planning, capital formation, start-up and de-novo activities, to assist disruptive market entrants associated with leading edge technology.  The FinTech companies have included blockchain solutions, payment alternatives, cryptocurrency, and social impact solutions to world problems. 

When not in the financial world, you may find me hiking, swimming, on the tennis court and spending time with family, friends, and colleagues.

When not in the financial world, you may find me hiking, swimming, on the tennis court and spending time with family, friends, and colleagues. 

Notable achievements

  • Started a new financial institution, obtaining all regulatory approvals and raising capital

  • Turned around a bank that was considered troubled

  • Raised capital via initial capital offering, Reg D capital raise, secondary offerings

  • Profitably grown financial institutions

  • Sold financial institutions

  • Liquidated a financial institution

  • Advised start-ups and social impact companies

  • Testified on numerous occasions at the state and federal levels

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I am proud to represent the Western Bankers Association and the banking industry in my role as President and CEO.   Throughout my career I made it a professional practice to immerse myself in the industries I serve. This practice has led to holding other high-level positions in both state and federal trade associations. Throughout my career I have been an active leader and change agent through advocating for the industry.


Independent Community Banks of Oregon      

Board Member 2016

California Independent Bankers
President 2004, Chairman 2005 & 2007, Director 1998 to 2014

Independent Community Bankers of America
Director 2004-2006, 2008-2013, and 2016

Independent Community Bankers of America
Director 2004 – 2006, 2008 – 2013, and 2016

  • Political Action Committee – 2013 to present

  • Congressional Affairs Committee

    • Vice Chairman – 2008 & 2009

    • Member – 2007 to 2012

  • Policy Development Committee

    • Member – 2005

    • Chairman - 2006

  • Long Term Planning Committee, Member 2005 – 2006

  • Marketing Committee — Chairman 2005

  • Bank Services Committee — Member 2003 – 2004

  • Bank Regulation Committee — Member 2002

  • Participant in China Banking Exchange — 2004


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My various leadership roles within the financial industry provided me with a platform to articulate and share via testimony industry viewpoints in front of various government agencies and panels. This participation is an important component that formulates the policies that govern the industry. I enjoy this work and I appreciative of the opportunity to represent my colleagues and peers


California Independent Bankers

  • State of California Assembly Committee on Banking and Finance

  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

  • Lobbying

  • Joint Informational Hearing of the Assembly and Senate Financial Committees

Independent Expert

  • House Financial Services Committee – Sub- Committee Hearing

Independent Community Bankers of America

  • ICBA – CIB Ambassador of Community Banking.

  • Bank Secrecy Outreach Program, Joint Regulatory Panel

  • Democratic Small Business Committee

  • Testified U.S. Congress – Financial Service Committee

  • Federal Reserve D.C. – ICBA

  • Roundtable Conference Financial Reform U.S. Treasury, Alan Krueger

  • Roundtable at SF FHLB – Herb Allison – Director of Financial Stability U.S. Treasury




Steve Andrews is one of the most capable finance community professionals that I have encountered in my 37 years in banking and finance. I have worked with him on numerous challenging lending situations and he is always complete, professional and focused on finding a solution. In addition, he is a fine human being with a real interest in the person as well as the business and he always keeps his commitments.
— George McDaniel, McDaniel & Associates
Steve has a tremendous background in community banking and commercial lending that he draws upon to provide thoughtful perspective and analysis for business clients and the East Bay community. Steve has built a national reputation and network in community banking and stays up to date on the latest developments. This has given Steve and his team the ability to develop cutting edge solutions for their customers. Most importantly, Steve is a man of great integrity and character, focusing on making a difference and serving others.
— Mike Brown, Managing Partner, Brown Gee & Wenger LLP
Steve Andrews, is a progressive strategic thinker who is highly focused on the success and growth of Bank of Alameda.
— SuzieQ Sharky, Interaction Design DIrector at MWM, Inc.
I had the opportunity to negotiate with Steve on a possible partnership between his bank and my office. Throughout the entire process, I found Steve to be professional, straight-forward and responsive. What else can you ask for from this bottom-line oriented, friendly professional?
— Timothy Yee, AIF®, CPFA, C(k)P®, President, Green Retirement, Inc.
Steve is a committed advocate for his company, employees, clients and business associates. His genuine concern for the well-being of each is demonstrated “loudly” every day by his actions.
— Debbie Leong, Development Director at Chinese Christian Schools