Expert Witness

"What you are is what you have been. What you’ll be is what you do now."
— Buddha

An industry expert or expert witness role is to provide a persuasive agruement to sway opinion. Critical to the process is integrity, honesty, and knowledge. Testimony is generally restricted to the rationally derived opinions of the witness, while the “expert witness” can generally enjoy greater freedom in voicing opinions. In my career I have been called upon numerous times to weigh in on industry issues in front of federal agencies and congressional committees with an informed opinion that supports the industry.  It is a fulfilling and satisfying endeavor to support you peers and colleagues in this fashion.

EXpert Witness

There is a certain rush that comes with advocating for your cause when situated in front of a congressional panel, committee, or sub-committee. Often not all the legislators are on your side, hence the built-in tension in the process.   Throughout my career I have been called upon to testify at both the state and federal levels and always answered the bell. I feel it is a privilege to advocate for my organization, industry, or cause. This advocacy has led me to testify on several occasions in front of congressional committees and sub-committees, as well as in front of several federal agencies.



Democratic Small Business Committee
Panelist - Regarding the effect of “Big Box” retailers on Small Business concerns May 2006.

Testified U.S. Congress Financial Service Committee
Barney Frank/Chairman and Small Business Committee – Nydia Velazquez/ Chairwoman – regarding Financial Reform Bill – 2/26/10

Federal Reserve D.C.
Panel Regulatory Reform – 1/29/10

Roundtable Conference Financial Reform U.S. Treasury
Alan Krueger – Assistant Secretary and Aaron Klein – Deputy Assistant Secretary 1/10

Roundtable at SF FHLB
Herb Allison – Director of Financial Stability U.S. Treasury – 11/9/09

GAO Conference Call
Regarding CRE and the regulatory examination environment.  Chaired by Chris Cole – ICBA and Robert E. Lee of the GOA

House Financial Services Committee
Sub- Committee Hearing, Capital Markets & Gov’t Sponsored Entities; Legislative Proposals to Create a Covered Bond Market in the U.S., Chaired by S. Garrett – 3/11/11 

Bank Secrecy Outreach panel

State of California Assembly Committee on Banking and Finance
Testified regarding Industrial Loan Company (“ILC’S) / Wal-Mart to purchase an Orange County ILC – September 2002. 

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Arlington/D.C.
Testified regarding Wal-Mart application for FDIC insurance April 2006.

Privacy and Municipal Deposit Bill AB

Joint Informational Hearing of the Assembly and Senate Financial Committees
Regarding The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act –Panelist – March 23, 2011

Steve Andrews and Steve Gardner meeting with House Finance Chairman Spencer Bachus

Steve Andrews and Steve Gardner meeting with House Finance Chairman Spencer Bachus