"Always pass on what you have learned." 
— Yoda

The value of a consultant is tapping into a specialized knowledge base that can propel a firm forward. A consultant can either augment or temporarily substitute for staff that may be currently time restricted,  encumbered, or lacking third party objectivity. Many firms successfully engage consultants for one-off or multiple projects.  

Knowledge by itself, while valuable, doesn’t always attract money or results.  Knowledge needs to be harnessed, organized, and intelligently allocated in support of strategic objectives. This is where I have added value to the organizations I have served, through strategically allocating knowledge and skill sets toward a defined goal via practical plans of action.


My career has exposed me to all facets of running a business from the start-up phase through sale. I have accepted a variety of assignments to lead both strong and troubled companies. I have excelled in turn-around assignments that involved rectifying significant internal problems including both civil and criminal litigation, as well as building and growing companies not encumbered by prior missteps.  

My unique and varied business experiences provide me with life experiences to call upon when engaging in a consulting capacity. I am currently engaged in the FinTech area providing strategic advice relative to capital formation and de-novo activities associated with crowdfunding, blockchain, ICO’s, and cryptocurrency.  


Non-bank consulting includes crowdfunding, cryptocurrency, tokenization, ICO

  • Denovo start-up advise
  • Capital formation
  • Strategic planning for various stages
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Shareholder relations
  • Legal interface
  • Exit strategies